Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chicken Pickle


When I was a little girl, I used to often visit my parents' friends, The Reddys. 

Quick Interruption: In India, we address our elders, related or otherwise, Aunty and Uncle. That's how we show our respect towards them. 

Continuing on: I enjoyed going to their place. One, because I was very fond of Uncle and Aunty. And two, because I was crazy about this one "thing" that used to sit very elegantly on their dining table- a pretty little container placed very neatly at the center. No, it wasn't the container itself that I was in love with, but with what was inside it- the deepest, most attractive red colored, delicious smelling, tongue-tingling, lip-smacking pickle! Not just any pickle- but an extraordinary mutton keema pickle! As I write this, I am salivating merely thinking about it! That look, that taste I will never forget. And I have never ever eaten another mutton keema pickle like that ever again..... never ever.... EVER! 

Here's my take on the recipe. It is quick, easy, and turns out real delicious. This one's for Chicken Pickle. You can follow the same recipe for minced mutton (keema) or lamb, and even fish and shrimp (fish and shrimp will cook faster of course). Doesn't require marinating, so you can make it even on a busy weeknight. 


1. Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs- 4

2. Cooking Oil- 10 teaspoons *No skimping on this please!*

3. Cumin Seeds- 1 tsp

4. Fennel Seeds- 1 tsp

5. Mustard Seeds- 1/2 tsp

6. Garlic- 6 cloves, smashed OR 1/2-1 tsp powder

7. Ginger paste- 1/2-1 tsp

8. Lemon juice- 1 good size, freshly squeezed 

9. Salt to taste

The Pickle Dry Mix: 

1. Red Chili Powder- 2-4 tsp (adjust according to liking)

2. Fenugreek Seed Powder- 1-2 tsp 

3. Mustard Seed Powder- 1-1.5 tsp

4. Sesame Seeds (or powder)- 2-4 tsp 

5. Turmeric powder- 1-2 pinches

6. Cardamom- 2-4 crushed

7. Asafoetida- 1/2 tsp 

*I also like to add 3-4 finely chopped thai green chilies for extra kick


1. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces. 

2. Pour oil into the pan. Get the heat going. Splutter mustard, cumin, fennel seeds, followed by a pinch or two of turmeric powder and gently add the cut chicken to this. 

3. After allowing the chicken pieces to hang in there for a minute or so, start stirring and frying the chicken. Add smashed garlic or garlic powder and ginger paste. Stir. Then add salt to taste. Continue frying for around 15 minutes to cook the chicken completely. 

4. Now add the pickle dry mix and continue stirring and frying, so as to coat all the chicken pieces with the beautiful spices, for another 15 minutes. 

5. Give it a taste. Adjust salt etc if need be. That's it! 

Note: Some people like the chicken to be more on the dry side- if you like it dry, continue frying for another 10 minutes.  

6. After a minute of cooling, squeeze a fresh lemon and give it all a quick stir. Chicken Pickle is ready to be enjoyed! It is hot and spicy, with a hint of citrus. Delicious! 

Spicy Hot Chicken Pickle

Serve with chapatis or parathas. Goes well alongside some plain dal-chawal (lentils and rice) and salad. Mm mm! You can refrigerate leftovers for up to 3 days, and it will taste just fine. 

Can I guarantee that this will taste like Reddy Aunty's pickle? Absolutely not! I guarantee that it will taste pretty dang good, though! :) 

Thursday, June 4, 2015


May is National Egg Month and apparently, June 3rd was National Egg Day. Well, how would I know- I mean, out here, pretty much everyday is egg day! I think that every human being should know how to cook an egg. If you haven't taught your children how to cook an egg, I suggest you wait no more, and teach them!

Here's an easy, quick, healthy, and delicious recipe for egg-any-time-of-the-day, simply called Egg-in-the-Hole:

Yield: 1 serving


Bread- 1 slice 

Egg- 1 

Cooking oil or Pam- a few drops/1 good spray

Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Spray your pan with some Pam or put a few drops of cooking oil. Get the heat going. 

2. Cut a "hole" in a slice of bread. You can make it fun by cutting out different shapes such as heart, mickey or minnie mouse, or a skull! Save the cut-out bread piece. 

3. Place this slice of bread with the hole onto the heated pan. Then crack an egg into this hole. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place the cut-out bread piece very gently back into the hole with the egg (avoid pressing it). Cook for about a minute on low flame, and then flip. The bread will have become nice and brown and crisp on that side. 

4. After flipping, cook for an additional 30 seconds to a minute. If you like the yolk runny, half a minute will do. 

5. That's it, egg-in-the-hole is ready to be enjoyed! 

Psst: if nobody is watching, you may lick the plate clean! ;) 

The Hole

Egg cracked into the hole

Salt and Pepper

Place the "heart" back to cover the hole

Golden brown and crisp, then flip

Ready to eat! 

Delicious yolk under the "heart" 

Mm mm! 

Dunk and eat!

Last bits.....