Monday, November 27, 2017

Food Post #202: How to Move On

Here's the bitter truth about life: It never goes according to your plan(s). It involves failure, rejection, disappointment, disillusionment, etc. They say when you have the right intention, everything falls in place. Heck, no! Sometimes, even if you have/had the healthiest of intention(s), everything goes wrong. Our attempts at repairing also end up being futile, and sheer waste of time, and energy. So what should be done when things don't work out, and are irreparable? Well, first take a deep breath in, then pick yourself up, dust off, take that pile of "failure," and dump it down the garbage disposal. Don't forget to breathe out!  

I'm Just Not That Into You Smoothie

Hmm, looks pretty toxic to me! 


Frozen spinach- 1 cup

Carrot- 1 medium

Potato- 1 medium

Apple- 1 medium

Agave syrup- 1 tbs

Water- 1 cup


1. Blend all the above ingredients in a vitamix or similar blending machine

2. Pour into glass

3. Take a sip

Rest is really up to you. Good Luck!  

As for me, I took one sip. I took a second sip. I took a third sip. And then my heart spoke to me, and said- you know what, you have tried enough. Enough is enough! Woman, just go ahead, and get rid of it. Me: Maybe adding another tablespoon of that agave syrup will do the trick....? No. Maybe I could convert it to a soup of some kind....? NO! So I picked up that container with the remaining terrible smoothie, poured it down the sink, switched on the insinkerator, and called it a day. 

Dump it, and Move On!! 

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