Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nifty Quesadillas

Kwesadilla? No, KEsadiYa! What is it? Hmm, looks like they spread some of that salsa, some grilled veggies/meat and a ton of grated cheese onto a tortilla (remember, it is pronounced TortiYa!), cover this with another tortiya, oops, I mean, tortilla, then grill it for a moment and cut the finished product with a pizza-cutter into wedges and serve the finished product, now a Quesadilla (yes, yes, I remember- pronounced kesadiYa!) with a dollop of sour cream and a dollop of that mashed avocado dip thingy on the side. That was me, 13 years ago, absolutely fascinated with the whole concept of a Quesadilla.

Uhh, quesadilla? Naah, I'd rather order their Mexican gumbo. I can make quesadillas myself at home. No biggy; heck, my 12 year old makes quesadillas for herself and her brother! That's me now.


1. Tortillas (uncooked flour tortillas work best- if not, those pre-cooked tortillas are fine too. Rotis/chapatis will work too)
2. Salsa (if you've run out of salsa- just chop some tomatoes+onions+bell pepper+green chilies, add a dash of lemon and perhaps some vinegar, some crushed cumin seeds and salt- tada! u have your salsa!)
3. Some veggies (your choice). If you want meat, grilled chicken strips would be good or if you are one of those "chicken-haters" (if you are reading this, you know who you are!), you could use the meat of your choice.
4. Some cheese (monterey jack/pepper jack/cheddar works for me)


1. Get that pan going on the stove.
2. Place one tortilla on the hot pan. If it is an uncooked tortilla, I cook one side and then flip it to cook the other. If it is a ready-to-eat tortilla, I still like to do that because I like to get rid of that "packety" odor and flavor. I keep the stove to a minimum to prevent the tortilla from getting burnt.

Side 1 cooked, flipped to cook Side 2
 3. Then I spread some salsa and the last time I also spooned in some pesto (the green stuff you see in the picture) all over the tortilla. Then spoon in some veggies (here I used mushrooms and corn-- you can get all creative) on one half part of the tortilla. Then finally tear a slice of cheddar cheese (we usually have cheddar slices in our fridge) and place the cheese atop the veggies. Yep, it is pretty much like you add toppings to a pizza!

Salsa & Pesto

Finally some cheese
4. Now instead of covering this with another tortilla, I just pull the other half where I don't add the veggies and cheese over the part with the veggies and cheese to make a "half-moon." (And yes, I do realize that I am doing a horrid job of explaining this.........hey, I can get a little tongue-tied, you know!). Perhaps the picture will help:

Folded over......(now you get it, right?)
5. That's it. The cheese begins to melt and the tortilla gets all nice and crispy (without getting overly burnt) and basically your quesadilla is ready to be eaten! You can jazz it up with some sour cream and guacamole on the side.

Nifty Quesadilla- ready to eat!
Takes barely a few minutes to create a quesadilla! Like I mentioned earlier, even my daughter makes quesadillas. It is that easy! And of course, you can get all creative with the inside filling. The good thing about a quesadilla is that you can make it for yourself on any busy week night and it is party-friendly too.

I may not order it anymore in a Mexican joint, but I still quite like the concept of a quesadilla!


adibud34 said...

Chicken haters? Doh! I would be considered a Chicken-lover coz I aten't eat em! But yes, some jerk-marinated or pork or lamb or even tofu strips would be yummy! Skip the cheese - add black garlic instead of cheese! Healthy and sexaay!

Dreamer said...

Tofu strips and black garlic???? Ummmmm.......!!