Friday, August 24, 2012

A Day at the Spokane Farmer's Market

I am so excited- I guest blogged for Full circle! Thank you, Full Circle, for publishing my post, "Top 10 picks at the Spokane Farmer's Market." It sure was fun writing for you!

Here's the link to my article:

Some more pictures from my visit to the Spokane Farmer's Market last weekend:

Gourmet Cipollini
Jelly Bean Tomatoes!

Fresh Okra


Look at those Rattlesnake Beans on the right!

Beautiful carrots
Tabasco peppers!

Cheese Samples

Bright and gorgeous flowers
From Bees to Bubbles- Handcrafted soaps
If you haven't gone to your local farmer's market, you must do so. The produce there is simply fresh and beautiful. Strolling around the market is so relaxing and refreshing, and above all, you support your local farmers!! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Appi can i visit the farmers market here and post ? Madhavi : )

Dreamer said...

Absolutely! Write and send it to me, with pics, and I can post it with your name! :)