Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We complete 15 years of married life today! Traditionally the anniversary gift for this year would be crystal. A "modern" gift would be a watch or glass. But you know what- the two most precious gifts that we have are our two not-so-little-anymore kids. We love them more than anything in this world. They make our lives important.

For the last 3 years, every December 19th, our kids cook something special for us (well, our daughter usually does all the cooking, and has her brother assist her). This morning they whipped up a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, and olive toast. Not just your ordinary scrambled eggs, but all jazzed up with pesto, ghost pepper salsa, and sharp cheddar cheese- yep, all the stuff that I love! Mm mmm!

Anniversary Special! 
Happy Anniversary, my love! Thanks, sweet children, for all your love. And the awesome breakfast this morning! Wonder what you're gonna make for dinner?! ;)

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