Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mashed Potato Sandwich

I gave my kids mashed potatoes for their school lunches yesterday. Promptly enough, my son brought it all back, claiming he "wasn't hungry." Well, that's quite alright son, for you will get it again for lunch tomorrow! Perhaps in a different form.

The recipe is a no-brainer, really:

1. You take that leftover mashed potato and a couple slices of bread.

2. Spread mashed potato all over a slice of bread. If you like more, then spread it on the other slice too. 

3. You could add some slices of boiled egg, some cheese- mm mmm! Season with pepper, and salt, if you'd like. 

4. Join the two slices together (OK, didn't know how else to say it!) and grill it in your sandwich maker. You could certainly use a pan for grilling, or eat it as a cold sandwich. 

That's it. You got yourself a delicious, and hearty breakfast. Some fruit on the side, and what a great way to start your day! 

Well, in this case, what a lovely lunch idea for kids! Now if this comes back too, then it will be served for dinner! Hey, if you are a mom, I know you hear me, right?! 😉

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