Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am back!

After a nice long holiday in India with parents, brother and new sister-in-law & extended family, I am back. Back to square one, back to the grind........OK, we get the gist! I barely cooked the entire time I was in India. The maximum I cooked was Maggi (the Indian equivalent of Top Ramen) 2 minute noodles and oh, the latest Maggi PaZZta. Now I don't know if this is just plain psychology or reality, but for some reason the Maggi there tastes way better than the Maggi we get here at the Indian grocery store......perhaps it has something to do with the freshness, the water etc. The masala (spice packet) itself tastes fresh & more potent. Anyway, enough about Maggi, I suppose.

I pretty much managed to eat all the items I mentioned on my wish-list before leaving for India. Funnily enough, this time I wasn't too crazy about eating the various types of manchurian that I had mentioned a few weeks ago in one of my posts. Yes, very shocking, really, considering it is ME we are talking about! Had a decade's worth of wedding food. No kidding! More on that in a later post. The Hyderabadi Biryani at Hotel Shadab in Hyderabad was totally worth it!

Had "ganne ka ras" (sugarcane juice)!! Let's see, the last time I had this amazing juice was perhaps in the summer of that sure was heck of an achievement! The only difference was that this time I went to a "juice bar" --- a nice & neat place, as compared to the dirty "thela" (roadside cart) I used to go to back in school............of course, my immunity was way better back then and nothing ever happened to me. If I tried that now I am sure I would fall sick..........or would I?

Other than awesome food cooked by mom, we checked out Barbeque Nation, Rajdhani (excellent Gujarati food) and  the food court at Mantri Square Mall, which was pretty decent too. Oh I mustn't forget the crazy good buffets at Orange County resort in Kabini (little place near Mysore).

Oh I have more to write about, but am feeling sleepy. That darn jet lag..........will resume blogging hopefully starting am going back to Bangalore; well I certainly can dream about it!

Note: Will put up pics soon. Yes, food pics, of course!

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Priya said...

Great to have you back here.