Saturday, August 28, 2010

Apple crumble of sorts

We don't usually eat dessert everyday-- in fact, my hubby and I barely eat any dessert at all. But just once in a while, one of us gets this crazy craving for something sweet. Last evening was one such crazy-sweet-tooth-moment (OK, I admit, it was me this time) and I had to whip up something quick. My eyes fell upon the apple lying in the fruit basket. One part of it was beginning to, err, rot and of course, my brilliant mind said to me that I must use that apple before it completely rots and ends up in trash. Soon enough, out came the bread, the condensed milk, the vanilla essence and a baking pan and another beautiful creation was on its way in my little kitchen!

I took:

5-6 slices of regular bread, condensed milk, regular 2% milk, vanilla essence & the apple sans the rotting part (a good apple will do just fine!).

What I did: 
  1. Chopped up the apple into little cubes (don't worry, I discarded the bad part of the apple). 
  2. Tore the bread into little pieces directly in the baking pan. 
  3. Threw in the chopped apple into this torn bread and added just a tad bit of milk to sort of soak it all. 
  4. Added a dash of vanilla essence followed by a good drizzle of the condensed milk (this depends on how sweet you like your dessert). Mixed it all up. 
  5. Baked it at 350 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes until the top part was sort of browned up. Done!
By the time I took the picture, 3/4th of it was gone!

It was stupendously yummy with a perfect balance of textures--- the browned part was caramelized and crisp and the apple bits added a nice fruity texture, while the rest of the pudding was soft. We had it with some whipped cream on top.

Mmm, the warm apple crumble (of sorts!)



Spartan said...

I am impressed that you actually have condensed milk readily available in your pantry :D

Dreamer said...

Haha! The kiddos have been asking me to make kulfi.......hence had it in my pantry. Well, the kulfi didn't happen.....;)

Priya said...

I don't know where my comments r disappearing!But I also felt that dessert pang at night,the very day you had posted this!Lucky me-had all the ingredients right there!Awesome!

Dreamer said...

Gr8! Glad u liked it!