Sunday, January 9, 2011

My 45-second Cake!

Last evening, right after dinner, I felt like some cake. Yep, that happens sometimes! Now if you remember, I am bad at baking cakes and the I told the husband to bake a cake. The kids got all excited too--- they love their dad's cakes. He is our Pastry Chef, you see. Well, since it was pretty late, he promised us some cake today. Then we called it a day and my kitchen was shut. I was watching some TV, when I suddenly got this brilliant idea. I dashed to the kitchen and started my experiment. Within 5 minutes, I had created a beautiful red velvet cake!! No way, you say? Here, keep reading and you'll know........

I took:

In a  microwave-safe bowl- 3 spoons of all purpose flour, a pinch of baking soda, a pinch of baking powder, a few drops of vanilla essence, some sugar, a few drops of red food color (for the red velvet part, of course), a couple spoons of olive oil, a tad bit of milk and water.

What I did: 

1. I took a m-wave safe bowl and put in all the dry ingredients first.

2. Followed by the wet ingredients.

3. Stirred all this up into a nice batter (cake batter-  you know, not too thin, not too thick.......). Tasted it to make sure it was sweet enough.

4. Then placed this bowl with the batter in the microwave.

5. Said a little prayer.

6. Punched in the cooking time for 30 seconds first and started the m-wave. Watched the batter rise up and by then the 30 seconds were up. I cooked it for an additional 15 seconds. At this point, it was smelling like real cake!

7. Took it out of the m-wave and by the mere look of it, I knew that it was a success. I nevertheless poked it to see if it was cooked all the way through and indeed it was!

WOW! I had created some real good red velvet cake (could have used more of the red food color to make it a nicer red). It took me 45 seconds to "bake" it in the microwave! I cut it into 4 parts and all of us loved it!

 Imagine my joy when I saw this!
 One slice for each of us
 Perfectly "baked!"
 Bowl licked clean!

From now on, whenever one of us feels like cake, voila! I can whip up my awesome 45-second Cake and satisfy that sweet tooth!


Wondering and wandering! said...

This is called innovation!A dollop of cream can be an addition!Or maybe icecream in summer.

Dreamer said...

Mmmm, that does sound yum!! Hey, don't u make something like this too?