Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have bad days too!

One might think that wow! this gal sure cooks some real good stuff. Most times I do, but guess what? I have bad days too! Take for instance the Shrimp Scampi I made the other night. I had all the right ingredients. Most importantly, I was in the right spirit too- totally in the mood.

I marinated some tail-on shrimp in lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic and italian seasoning. Put it away in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Took my devoted pot and sauteed the shrimp in some olive oil and some extra garlic. Cooked some angel hair pasta and threw it into the sauteed shrimp. Tossed everything together. Finally added some salt, freshly ground pepper and a splash of lemon juice. Also added a chopped tomato for color. Looked pretty darn good, I must say. I mean, look at the picture:

 Lookin' Good! But does it taste good?

We served some of that awesome looking shrimp scampi into our respective bowls and as soon as we tasted it, all our spirits were dampened. It had no flavor whatsoever! Sure it had a hint of lemon and garlic, but that's about it! What a disaster! We quietly ate and nobody went for seconds.........yep, you can imagine how bad it must have really been.

I mean, how hard is it really to make shrimp scampi? I have no clue as to why it turned out so bad. One friend suggested adding butter to it...........hmm, perhaps the next time around, I will try butter instead of olive oil. Another friend suggested adding some wine to it.........again, perhaps the next time. My daughter suggested I just make some alfredo on the side and then it will all be tasty. Sure makes sense. But again, why did my shrimp scampi taste like nothing????

They say you eat with your eyes........but you know what, looks can be deceptive. And I proved that to myself with my tasteless shrimp scampi!!


adibud34 said...

You're missing white wine! Shrimp and White wine!!!!

Dreamer said...

;) Mmm hmmm- next time I'm gonna add a good amount of white wine as well as butter- that'll sure stir things up!

spartan said...

Maybe pot not so devoted after all eh?

Dreamer said...

Haha! naah, I still like my pot!;)