Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thanks, Lethargy!

I am running out of veggies and need to make that trip to Uwajimaya. But then thanks to weekend lethargy, I don't feel like driving today. I just want to take it easy, real easy. But then everybody is hungry and everybody is lethargic as well and so nobody wants to go out too. Wow, talk about some major lethargy in action! So yeah, it is back to the eternal question- what the heck should we eat today?

I take a look inside my refrigerator and all I find is half a cabbage, a couple carrots and half green bell pepper (half because the other half is err, going bad.......). I do have a bag of frozen peas and some grated coconut in the freezer. Aha! I know exactly what to cook for lunch.

1. I chop up those veggies- the cabbage, the carrots and the green bell pepper.
2. I get my pan with a couple teaspoons of oil going on the stove.
3. I throw in a pinch of "hing" (asafoetida) followed by half a teaspoon of mustard seeds into the heated oil. Also a couple dried red chillies.
4. As the mustard seeds begin to splutter, I throw in the carrots, give it a quick stir and then throw in the cabbage and the green bell pepper.
5. I add salt to taste and mix everything up, cover the pan and keep it on low flame.
6. After 5 minutes, I remove the lid, stir the veggies together, throw in some frozen green peas and some grated coconut. One final stir and ready!

Colorful and Tasty!

Note: You will get asafoetida in any Indian store. As for its description- wikipedia has some decent info on it.

This "sabji" goes well with rice and rasam ( or even with plain rotis or just by itself with some yogurt. Simple, tasty and healthy!

See? You can cook even if you are feeling lazy and even if you are running out of vegetables. Now that lunch has been taken care of, it is back to my lethargic weekend. Hmm, a bollywood movie sounds like a good idea. As for that trip to Uwajimaya---- maybe tomorrow.........


spartan said...

"lethargy in action" - ha ha good oxymoron

Dreamer said...

heh heh! thanks! ;)