Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stars Revisited

Almost a year ago, I had jotted down my thoughts on some Food Network Stars  ( I don't watch that much Food Network anymore. The only shows I follow are Chopped, 10 Dollar Dinners and Good Eats that I just record on my DVR and then watch them later when it is time to unwind. However, on occasion, if I happen to linger around in my room during the day doing some chores, I switch on Channel 675 by default and the last few times I have watched Barefoot Contessa, yes, the sophisticated Ina Garten's show, I have actually liked her! Yes, shocking indeed- but I quite like her now and her cooking and her sophistication!!

I like Ina now!
What a change of opinion, eh? I mean, just last year I said that being sophisticated is boring. Well, I am afterall an average human being and we average human beings can be hypocrites!

About the other stars- can't say much about them because, like I said before, I don't watch much Food Network anymore.
My opinion on Paula is the same, though. I still like this Southern gal.
As for the "Food Encyclopedia" Mr. Brown--- I DVR his show, don't I?!

It is funny how my thinking has changed and is changing with the years. I am not just referring to my thoughts on Barefoot Contessa, but about life in general. Yeah, yeah- go ahead, say it--- Aparna, you are growing OLD!!!!


spartan said...

AHA! Tastes get refined as time goes by ;) stop for reversal of opinion - the southern gal!!

Dreamer said...

I like getting "refined as time goes by." Southern Gal......hmm, now THAT I dunno......;)

adibud34 said...

That countess is still a bore! Just like the Sandra chick! And I still don't like Michael Simon or Cat Cora on Iron Chef - still Morimoto's man, through and through! DoH!

Dreamer said...

Haha! Wait another 6 yrs and u might just realize that she ain't that bad......