Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chicken Soup for my boy!

My son was feeling a bit under the weather the past couple days. Apparently "there's a bug going around." I have never really understood this statement- I mean, there are bugs around us all the time (yes, I know that, thanks to my degree in Microbiology) and therefore these bugs are probably "going around" all the time, then why do doctors give you the same old sentence? No, really! If your child has a temperature, it's because of that darn "bug that's goin' around." Cold, cough, cold and cough, cold cough and fever, cold cough fever and tummy upset.........yep, everything is blamed on the same old "bug that's goin' around!" And oh, this happens throughout the year. Guess that's doctor-lingo for us, Moms and they probably figure that the best way to explain things to us is by saying, "There's a bug going around!"

So on Friday my sick little boy was all tired and for lunch he wanted soup. He asked me if he could have some chicken-noodle soup from Safeway. I said sure and then thought, hey, how about some home-made chicken-noodle soup for my boy? Home-made meaning from scratch of course.

I took:

1. A couple boneless, skinless chicken breasts- cut up into nice little bite-sized pieces

2. 1 veggie stock cube (chicken stock would be great), 2 cloves of garlic

3. Some on-the-go seasoning such as onion powder, garlic powder, italian seasoning (you know, whatever I thought would add more depth to the overall flavor.......), pepper powder, salt

4. Water, splash of olive oil

5. I did not have noodles and so I used some farfalle pasta (made sure my boy was OK with that!)

6. 1 Carrot- chopped up

How I made that lovely soup:

1. I took a pot, added the chicken into it and poured water enough to cover all the chicken. I added a splash of olive oil to this, 1 cube of veggie stock and also threw in a couple cloves of garlic. Oh and I added a pinch each of onion powder, garlic powder and some italian seasoning. I switched on the stove and cooked the chicken. Took only about 10 minutes for the chicken to get done.

Chicken soup on its way!
2. Once the chicken was done, I added 1 chopped up carrot as well as some farfalle pasta. Added some salt for the pasta. Covered the pot and let it all cook for 11-12 minutes (the time really depends on how long the pasta takes to cook). And that's pretty much it!

Chicken soup ready!
Right at the end, I sprinkled some black pepper powder and then served.

Chicken soup made with Mommy's love
My little boy simply loved the soup. It was so comforting. Not just my boy, but I loved the soup too! It was so simple and full of flavor. My boy said that it was way better than Safeway soup! Well, of course, it had to be--- it was full of Mommy's love.........(well, that's what I claim!)

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