Monday, January 30, 2012

Cooking and Serving with a Purpose

YouthCare, is an organization that serves Seattle's homeless youth, by providing them with food, shelter, counseling, education, and employment training. Last Thursday, January 26th, they had organized an event, wherein volunteers cooked and served a wonderful meal to homeless youth. Guess who the lucky participant was? No, not me, but my husband! The team comprised of 3, including my husband, and they cooked this wonderful spread for 70 homeless youth, and served it to them.

The 3 of them cooked chili, corn bread muffins, and vegetable lasagna, and they made a fresh green salad. They also had juice boxes and chips on the side that they handed over to everybody. The kitchen scene apparently was like one of those Dinner Impossible episodes! But they managed to get everything ready in 2 hours and served a delicious meal to every kid there.

Chili simmering away in 3 HUGE pots!
Going into the oven

Corn bread muffins all baked and ready to be served!
Juice boxes

What a wonderful way to give! So proud of you, A, and your team! :) Thanks to the people at YouthCare for all their amazing work! I hope to be able to help in the future.......

Note to my readers: I am terrible at expressing my deep emotional thoughts into words (I can't say it, nor can I pen it). But I do realize that each day, I must count my blessings and be thankful for everything I have been given- food, shelter, and most importantly, loving family and friends.

P.S.: The chili and corn bread muffins were pretty dang good; thanks A, for bringing me back a sample to taste!


adibud34 said...

Great job! Sounds like Dinner impossible!

Dreamer said...

Yep, it sure was! Too bad I couldn't go--- perhaps another time!

Nagashree said...

Great job! I feel one always gains more in the process of giving. Such a beautiful way to share.