Wednesday, April 9, 2014


If you love dosas, you probably like uttapams too. Many blog posts ago, I had put up the recipe for this South Indian delicacy (Dosa Part 1 and Dosa Part 2). On Saturday, we had a Dosa party at home for a few friends, and it was quite a hit! I had made enough batter to last us a few days. Today the batter level went down by quite a bit, and when that happens, I know what to do- convert it into uttapam!


1. Dosa Batter

2. Onion, finely chopped

3. Green Chilies, either sliced or chopped

4. Coriander leaves/Cilantro, a bunch, finely chopped

5. Little bit of grated ginger

6. Tomato- chopped up- some people don't like it, but I love adding tomato to my uttapam

7. Salt per taste

8. Black ground pepper &/ Red chili powder


1. Add ingredients 2 to 8 into the dosa batter, and stir it all up nicely with a ladle. You now have uttapam batter.

Uttapam batter

2. Take a ladleful of the batter, and pour it onto a hot pan (similar to how you would pour pancake batter), and then spread it out evenly. Add a few drops of oil around the entire circumference of the uttapam. Also a few drops in the center.

Uttapam getting ready

3. As you start seeing some browning at the bottom, flip the uttapam, so as to cook (and brown) the other side.

Browning on the bottom
Now browning the other side

4. That's it! Within 3-4 minutes, you'll have made the perfect uttapam, ready to be eaten with chutney, or just plain as it is. Oh, and a little bit of butter on top won't hurt! ;)

Uttapam! YUM! 

I like my uttapam to be nice and crispy. And so I let it stay on the hot pan longer. If you like it soft, don't brown it as much. Uttapam is a great way to utilize leftover dosa batter. Not to forget, it is yum!

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