Sunday, December 28, 2014

Highlights 2014

Three more days remaining in this year, with today being the last Sunday of 2014! As we say every single year- wow, this year went by SO FAST! I think I ought to wrap up this year with a recap of 2014. So here we go: 

1. My most creative dish: 

"Buried Alive-" Capsicum/Bell peppers stuffed with worms (spaghetti in marinara), with exposed brains (walnuts with some melted cheese)! I put in a lot of effort into creating this dish. The best part was how the "brains" turned out- they looked quite real, and I was thrilled! 

2. My least creative dish: 

Mashed Potato Sandwich- I mean, maybe it isn't that bad, but really, nothing extraordinarily creative about this dish! All I did was spread some leftover mashed potato between two slices of bread, and put it in the sandwich-maker. I realize that it doesn't even look very appealing! 

3. My longest post: 

Clearly my mini-travelogue that took me 4 posts to cover the story! But then it had to be documented-  our summer road trip was the biggest highlight of 2014. What a great trip it was! 

4. My shortest (and least interesting) post: 

Looking back, I actually wrote some very uninspired posts in the last year. I mean, Skin Food? Obsessing about age spots of all things! What a crappy post that was! My birthday post was quite pathetic too- I was so judgmental (more like mental!). Ugh! 

5. My happiest post that turned into the saddest (and that I later deleted): 

Not sure how many of you remember my post on our new puppy, Axl. He was the cutest bull dog puppy ever. We got him in May and were so excited. I was even thinking of starting a whole new blog on home cooked doggie food! Unfortunately, things went downhill, and after a month of trying really hard to take care of him, we realized that we were just not able to do it. The breeders advised us to return him back to them. I had got him as a gift for my sweetie, and the saddest thing is that we took him back to the breeder on Father's Day. That was the worst day of 2014 for us. Finally, after all these months, my heart doesn't hurt anymore--- at least, that's what I tell myself! 

6. My most favorite recipe of 2014: 

That very delicious Tomato bhath (rice) recipe that I learned from my sister in law. I must have cooked that at least 50 times in the last 4 months! Not exaggerating!


With that, I now wrap up this year. I hope to be more inspired in the coming new year, and whip up some new and interesting recipes. On the personal front, I'll be hitting a whole new decade in March 2015. I actually am looking forward to it- just coz I think I'll become a bit wiser! Long shot, you say?! ;) 


spartan said...

Whoa! Road trip? I must go back and read through your older posts now!

Aparna Heroor said...

Good to see you back @spartan! ;) Yep, you gotta read all about that road trip!