Friday, September 9, 2016

Quick Recipe 2: Shrimp, Basil, Tomato Fettuccine

For this week's quick fix, here's a lovely fettuccine with shrimp recipe that uses very few ingredients, and is ready in under 15 minutes. Yeah!


Fettuccine of your choice- 1 packet

Shrimp- 7-8 (or more!) shrimp per person 

Garlic, the more, the better- smashed and almost minced

Basil- a good handful

Tomato- 1 chopped

Cooking oil- 2-3 tsp

Italian seasoning- a pinch (for extra flavor)

Salt to taste


1. Follow the instructions on the fettuccine packet and cook. It usually takes 3 minutes. Then drain off water. I like to rinse the cooked fettuccine under cold running water to stop it from cooking any further (you want it al dente).

2. In a pan with 2-3 tsp of oil, get the heat going. Add a pinch of Italian seasoning, followed by smashed, minced garlic. Quickly stir a little bit and add the shrimp. Within no time the shrimp will turn pink, which means it is cooked. Turn the heat down, throw in the chopped tomato.

3. Then fold in the cooked fettuccine into the pan. Tear up some fresh basil leaves into this. Add salt to taste. Mix it all up.

Zing it up with some lemon juice and freshly ground pepper and enjoy!  


Fun Fact: I noticed a recipe on the back of the empty fettuccine packet that I was about to discard into the trash can. So I thought I'd check it out. It turned out to be the exact same recipe! And here I was, thinking how brilliantly original I was.....!! 

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