Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parle-G- Original Gluco Biscuits

Didn't know what to do for breakfast this morning. You know, one of those days........Then suddenly I thought, hey, why not some chai (tea) or coffee with some good old Parle-G on the side?!

I have known PG ever since I was a kid. I ate PG back then, while growing up and even today! Funnily enough, my husband seems to be a major fan of PG. Every morning, very diligently, he places the PG box (yes, we have one box exclusively meant for PG, nothing else can be placed inside that box!) on the table, takes his cuppa and then dunks each PG into the coffee and eats away..........as for me, I don't do that every single morning. Just once in a while. Interestingly, the kids have come to enjoy PG too! How cool it that? Passed on from generation to generation..........sorta!

OK, so for those of you who have no clue as to what this stuff is, here's a brief description: PG stands for Parle-G, the G meaning Glucose and some say that the G means "Genius," the company slogan. I must agree, it IS in fact a genius glucose biscuit. Healthy too! Made of wheat. The company was started in 1929 in British India in Mumbai, then Bombay. So this is in fact its 81st year of existence and still as popular as ever! Wow!

I go to the local Indian Store here and pick up the pack--- we get this big "Export Pack." Look at the picture:

See that little girl on the packet? I had told my kids that I was that little girl! And they actually believed me until they saw my real baby pictures at my parents' place in India. HAHAHA! ;)

And here's how I eat the biscuits (not unique, pretty much everybody eats the same way):

Step 1: Arrange biscuits and coffee/tea. This was coffee.

Step 2: Dunk biscuit into coffee and take it out immediately. You want it soggy, but not too soggy that it falls into the coffee.

Step 3: See that soggy part? That will go into my mouth and then finally the biscuit will be gone! It WAS all gone anyway! ;) 

Parle-G rocks! I wonder if I will be able to share this "legacy" with my grandchildren too......... hahaha! I know, that is quite a stretch, but hey, I bet it'll happen! This biscuit is SO GOOD and SO ADDICTIVE!
Hail Parle-G!


Priya said...

Oh ho,that's exactly the way Shiv has his PG too!Back home I was not much into it,but have turned into a fan now!
Also, well written blog-keep it up and don't u dare ditch us!

sparth said...

Ha ha! Good one...on the picture.....