Monday, April 26, 2010

Thai Red Curry- from a bottle!

Today I found THE ultimate Thai Red Curry sauce at Uwajimaya. Finally!! And it does not even contain fish sauce! Perfecto! Madame Pum Thai Curry sauce (picture follows). I decided to try this one because the other stuff I have used so far never really imparted a proper Thai flavor to the curries I made. So this time I thought how about use a product of Thailand, rather than the same old "A Taste of Thai" packet.

So got the little bottle home, threw in some potato, carrot, eggplant, baby corn, green bell pepper, green peas and some excellent baked Tofu that I got from Fred Meyer the other day. The instructions called for adding 2 cups of water to the entire contents of the bottle. Did that. Tasted it and was taken aback by punch it had! Oh my goodness! I have finally found THE perfect Thai sauce for my Thai creations. So the punch was so high, meaning, it was spicy like heck, that even I couldn't take the spice (I am sure, now that I have said this, some of you, especially my brother, will go--- aaah, no way, it is not spicy in the least!) and so I toned it down by adding 1 can of light coconut milk and then a little bit of salt and there, my beautiful Veggie Thai curry was ready. Now I got this idea to add some peanut powder to it, just to thicken it a lil bit and also impart a nice peanut flavor (I LOVE peanuts!). Finally garnished with fresh basil and cilantro. Turned out awesome! Cooked some brown rice on the side. What a lovely creation!

We all had some wonderful Thai dinner tonight.

The Final Curry! (the addition of that extra can of coconut milk turned the color from red to sort of yellow- more like a Massamun curry--- amazingly tasty, nevertheless!)

That Thai sauce I was talking about!

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