Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick yummy Tuesday night grub

Last evening kids wanted to eat mac'n'cheese. Sweet! Perked it up a bit by adding spinach, you know, for the  vegetable part.......however, wasn't sure if hubs and I would want to eat the same. Then suddenly an idea struck!

So I opened my freezer, took out the Samosa pack, spread a few on a baking sheet and put it in the oven at 400 degrees. Meanwhile I opened a can of Garbanzo beans and gave a quick wash (I always like to wash canned items just to remove the "canny" taste that I think canned items carry). Put a teaspoon of oil into a tiny pot, heated, put some cumin seeds and some red chilli powder (paprika) and then put the washed garbanzo beans into this. Added some tomato paste and a tad bit of water. Jazzed it up with some "aamchur" (i.e. dry mango powder) and "anaardaana" (i.e. dry pomegranate seed powder) and salt per taste. The idea was to convert the bland garbanzo into something nice and hot and tangy. Brought it to a boil and simmered for 5 minutes. Then switched off the stove. Meanwhile, the samosas were baked to perfection (took only 10 mins- though the packet calls for baking for only 6 mins. I think 10 mins works better). I also finely chopped some onion, tomato and cilantro (some green chillies would have been good too).

And now I was all set to create some awesome "samosa chaat!" Mmm! So I took 3 samosas and gently smashed them with a spoon. Then spooned some of that tangy garbanzo mixture onto the smashed samosas. Topped with some of that onion-tomato-cilantro salad and voila! time to eat!!! I added some tomato ketchup to my samosa chaat while hubs added some hot habanero sauce to his. Ohhh, it was simply delicious!

If I were upto it, I would have made some mint chutney, but hey, the samosa chaat was pretty tasty without it! I shall create something amazing with the mint I have lying in my fridge another day.

Enjoy the snaps:

The samosa packet I got from the local Indian store a couple weeks ago.

The baked samosas ready to be smashed! ;)

The final creation!

Relishing! YUM-O! (Pl disregard the paper beside the plate-- that is a whole other topic to be discussed in another blog..........)

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