Friday, June 4, 2010

Perfect evening snack

I think that I should resume my blogging; even if I don't write anything, I must at least put up pictures--of food, of course! So here goes:

My mom made some aloo pakoras (potato fritters) the other day for an evening snack. And they were simply delicious. Very simple to make. Just cut the potatoes into discs, dip in a batter of chickpea flour (with added salt & spices of choice) and fry! Even though I can make this pretty easily myself, there is something about mom's cooking. Automatically tastes par excellent, however simple it may be........

I had my share of the pakoras with some green chilli sauce & tomato ketchup on the side. Oh and I had a cup of beautiful adhrakh ki chaay (ginger tea) to sip on, while enjoying the pakoras. It was pouring outside too--- aah! what a perfect evening snack that was!

Yummy aloo pakoras! Did I eat all of those?? I dunno....... maybe.......!!

1 comment:

spartan said...

we call them "bajji" - miss it terribly..agree that it is nice if moms make it even though one could make it oneself as well ...I like the mystery at the I am convinced you are watching your diet :)