Sunday, May 23, 2010

So far........

.......have eaten the following:

1. Benne Masala Dosa--- yummmm!
2. Vada-sambar
3. Avarekaai Uppittu

Sadly, the indo-chinese food tried this time was BAD! Gotta try some other place.

We arrived on May 21st at 12:45am. As soon as we entered the immigration area, it smelled like indo-chinese food! HAHA! Well, as of now, my son and I are still jet lagged. The plane ride was horrendous with my son barfing the entire journey and I praying that I don't end up barfing too. I also realize now that Americans are by far the friendliest people on earth. The rest of them, I dunno, seem to have a problem with smiling! Always seem constipated. Of course, have not seen the entire world........but you get the idea.........

Guess I will resume writing my blog after I go back home.

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