Friday, May 7, 2010

Go on, eat some junk!

We had to get a gift for my daughter's friend yesterday. So we headed to Target. We love Target. As we started looking for something nice, my eyes fell on this aisle with mini donuts, chips, cotton candy, chocolate etc. You got it--- JUNK FOOD! Oh I got this sudden urge to splurge- yes, on junk food! I mean come on, with all this healthy eating going on every single day, I think it is OK to throw in some junk once in a while! And that once in a while was yesterday.

Picked up a couple bags of cotton candy, some onion rings (they are yummy, I tell ya!), mini donuts (3 kinds- frosted, chocolate covered and coconut crunchy) and then rushed to the nearby freezer section and picked up a box of 12 ice cream bars.

My kids were shocked, literally! They thought their mom had gone bonkers. But their shock soon changed into major joy. They were overjoyed. We thoroughly enjoyed every junk item. That ice cream bar was heaven! Felt like I was at the fair eating cotton candy. It was sheer bliss. It was even better because there was no guilt involved (on my part)!
Junk food Treasure - Guilt-free pleasure!

I was a star yesterday. My kids were totally amazed and were thanking me and called me "The Best Mom in the Whole World."

And yes, we did find a decent gift for my daughter's friend in the end. 

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