Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't over-serve!

I dislike the habit in certain people of taking a lot of food onto their plates and then realizing that they can't eat it. And then quietly sneaking into the kitchen and dumping all the food into the trash can or the garbage disposal! GET A GRIP, people! You are old enough to know how much you can eat!

I don't understand moms who give their kids so much food that the poor kids can't really eat all of it and obviously end up wasting the food. Then the scene goes like this:

1. Mom gives faux lecture to the kid, "You should not have asked for more!"
2. Kid makes a face.
3. Mom makes a face.
4. Mom says very reluctantly, "OK, I will eat it later."
5. Obviously the host, in this case, a very irritated  host (yours sincerely) says with faux calmness, "It is OK, just throw it."
6. Mom instantly dumps it in the garbage disposal (she is obviously relieved!).
7. Irritated host runs cold water into the disposal and switches on the garbage disposal thinking to herself, "Great, what a waste!"

I have no problem with little babies and toddlers wasting food. I, in fact, am OK with kids upto the age of say 5, wasting food. However, I have a serious problem with MOMS who want their kids to eat ridiculous amounts of food and  then just throw all the food, without even considering the fact that the host would have put in so much effort into cooking and creating that food! UGH! Total lack of manners! I don't care if they do this in their homes or restaurants or elsewhere. But they must not do this at the host's house. Definitely not in this host's house!

There are certain acquaintances that you don't really care for and yet you have to just be all nice and keep in touch. I mean, you can't totally cut then you have to tolerate their lack of manners............grumble a bit and then again, in a few weeks' time, invite them again and go through this all over again!

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adibud34 said...

OKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Let us hope that those acquaintances aint reading yo blog! Word!

Dreamer said...

Even if they do, doubt they will get it!

adibud34 said...

Ummmmm!!!! Even a simpleton will get it! DOHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It taitn't that hard!

sparth said...

Ha ha I agree....I am still dumbfounded about her assertion that they will not get it!! Huh?

Dreamer said...

Come on, you guys! Besides, if they do get it--- good, maybe they will learn something worthwhile! *rolling eyes*