Tuesday, May 18, 2010

List under construction

I am getting set for my India trip. I leave tomorrow. Of course, I hate traveling by air now a days. I am sure a lot of you will agree. It just SUCKS big time! Plus all that packing and oh, the crappy airplane food......... anyway, I now am looking forward to that one thing that most of us regular people look forward to when we visit our home-towns and families--- the FOOD!

I have created a little list of things to eat when I am there this time. I think it always helps to have this kind of a list because when you are there, there is just so much excitement, anxiety and total chaos, that often times right at the end of the trip, you realize that oh darn it! I did not eat that, I did not eat this........ and then you feel really bad. I know I do! So here goes my list for now (some of the names are in Kannada and some in hindi):

1. Of course the #1 thing to eat: Masala Dosa, especially Benne Masala Dosa (benne meaning butter)
2. All the available kinds of manchuri (remember my last post?) and basically Indo-Chinese food
3. Poori Saagu that my mom makes
4. Mom's Akki Rotti
5. Avarekaai rotti, avarekaai uppittu- again by Mom
6. Akki Tari uppittu with either avarekaai or peas (YUM!)- Mom
7. Kababs
8. Hyderabadi Biryani
9. Paranthas (aaloo, mooli, gobi, gaajar, matar etc etc), courtesy Mom
10. Rajasthani food- made by Mom
11. Maharashtrian food- made by Mom
12. Kachoris
13. Pineapple and black forest pastries
14. Tender Coconut Water!! LOVE IT!
15. Jola or Bhutta or grilled corn--- awesome stuff!! not like the grilled corn here......too bad I can't have the chutney though.......
16. How can I forget all that WEDDING FOOD?!!!!

16. contd: So the main purpose of this trip is to attend my brother's wedding that is scheduled for June 24th. Now it so happens that there are quite a few weddings that I will get to attend, in addition to my own brother's. The last time I ate at a wedding was over a decade ago--- at MY OWN wedding! In fact, come to think of it, I was too excited to eat properly back then! Therefore, the plan is to make up for that folly.

If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to jot 'em down for me. My list is still under construction, you see!

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adibud34 said...

Some more additions to the list -

1. Ragi Mudde
2. Veena stores' idlis and vadas
3. Coorgi Pandi Curry
4. Mangalore food at Kodials
5. Kathal ki sabji
6. Jamoon (the fruit!)
7. Haleem in Hyderabad