Thursday, May 13, 2010


As I was making the bed, simultaneously watching Paula Deen on Food Network, the channel by default on our television, I just thought about all these food network stars and how we tend to relate to them. I know I relate to some of them and I start imagining that it is me in there, on that show, showing everybody how to cook! Even though I don't know any of them, just by watching their shows and seeing how they behave on their shows, I have formed this picture about their personalities. I am going to jot down my thoughts about some of these people based on how they behave on their shows. So here goes:

1. Rachael Ray: Yep, if you are my good friend, you know that I totally relate to Rachael Ray. She is ever so bubbly and seems like she has that zest for life. Her scratchy voice is kind of cool too, I think! She is always cheerful and does not seem pretentious. I mean, if she goofs up, she just laughs it off and continues with the same enthusiasm. If I were to cook for an audience and talk while cooking, I would probably be like Rach! Where do you think I learned some of my food terminology from? (remember EVOO?)

2. Paula Deen: As I am growing older, I can totally see myself in this Southern gal. She seems to be so warm, loving, funny and cheerful and does not hesitate one bit to use that "sticka butta!" She can be naughty too! Of course, love that accent of hers. I mean, how cool does "y'all" sound versus "you all." Ra(i)t?

3. Alton Brown: OK, this guy is, according to me, THE BEST food network star. He is a walking food encyclopedia, I swear! His style is so unique and he is so hilarious! He gives out the most amazing facts about various foods on earth. I mean, I never knew that there is a male eggplant and a female eggplant! So the male eggplant is the one that you want to use if you want to make eggplant parmigiana or "baingan ka bhartha" (will include the recipe for this another day). Male eggplant has fewer seeds and is less bitter as compared to a female eggplant. And the details can go on and on.......... the point being, Alton is AWESOME! I wish he was my uncle or something!!

4. Bobby Flay: I can totally flirt with this guy! He is so cool, trim & fit, charming, sometimes sarcastic yet funny...... he is a handsome guy, especially when he is all serious. Funnily enough, he has these 2 lady assistants and one of them, the younger one, seems to have intentions similar to mine. He is a chipotle guy- loves to add chipotle peppers into everything! Love the way he talks. Love the way he sneaks up on people and totally surprises (or startles) them. I can imagine sitting next to him on a plane--- a yummy co-passenger!

5. Giada De Laurentiis: This gal is quite popular with the guys. Just because she has a lot to show---- in terms of, simply put, boobs! If  nothing else, you can be assured of some cleavage on her show. Well, enough with the cleavage-criticism, I guess. I must admit that her food is pretty decent. Good, simple Italian preparations. Very reluctantly I will admit that she is that petite-pretty kind. I am not sure if I want to meet her, really............watching her on the boob tube is good enough. ;)

6. Ina Garten: This one is by far the most boring host I can think of. She just talks in a monotone (with a monotone?) and usually cooks "romantic meals" for her husband. She tends to be all sophisticated. But honestly, being that sophisticated is utterly boring! Come to think of it, I have never once cooked anything from her show. No offense to Ina, but I don't care for Barefoot Contessa!

7. Guy Fieri: Another cool dude. He in fact competed on the Next Food Network Star and now has his own show. Love his signature style of wearing his sun glasses backwards. He is like this completely chilled-out guy with spiked up hair. I would love being friends with him.

I don't know what these people are like in reality. But I just find it interesting in how I have formed opinions about their personalities merely based upon their shows on television.


adibud34 said...

OKKKKKKKKK! Giada doesn't show any cleavage! DOH!!!! Although, several of us wouldn't complain if she did! But alas! Only that boring Countess and Paula Deen insist on cleavage views!

Dreamer said...

Of course she does! She is popular for that!! She even said that she likes to wear low necked blouses! DUHHHHHH!

spartan said...

Giada: OK I will admit - I agree with the observation that she does not however I also agree that she is very popular with the guys.

Arrey wah - Alton ko bana diya Unkal but Bobby ko nahin?

Rachael Ray - thumbs up , Paula - thumbs down, can't stand her accent . I actually like Ina - all that sophis ;)

spartan said...

Huh? Alton ko banaya "Unkal" but Bobby is not ?

Add me to the Rachael Ray fan club!

I kind of envy Giada's life though :)

Paula - can't stand her accent ...give me Ina and her sophis any day ;)

Dreamer said...

Ina? Uhhhh! Difference of opinion, my dear! Ultra sophistication really is BORING!