Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mediterranean Garlic Sauce

My daughter and I are crazy about that insanely delicious garlic sauce they give in Mediterranean restaurants. We can eat bowls and bowls of that sauce- not exaggerating! You dip a piece of pita bread into that sauce, and place it in your mouth- and boom! there is an explosion of this garlicky-with-a-hint-of-tangy goodness that just makes your taste buds ecstatic, and then you just don't want to stop...... yeah, that's how good it is.

I don't know how they actually make this stuff, and I did not do any internet searches for the recipe either. I just whipped up my own recipe, just from remembering how it tastes, and it turned out pretty good. And there couldn't be an easier recipe than this. Here it is:

You Need: 

1. Fresh garlic- you can go crazy with this. I use about 7-8 cloves for a small bowl full of sauce.

2. Sesame seeds- toasted, about 3-4 teaspoons.

3. Thick yogurt- Greek is great, any other yogurt is fine too, and buttermilk works just as good. Say about 3-4 tablespoons.

4. Salt per taste.

5. A pinch of Oregano- fresh would be great, dried works fine too. You can even use a pinch of italian seasoning.

6. 1 lime.


There's only one step to this- Put all the 6 ingredients into your blender (I have a nice small little one that works well for small quantities), and blend it all into a beautiful sauce. Yeah, that's it!

You could drizzle some olive oil, sprinkle a pinch of red cayenne pepper powder, maybe throw in a couple olives, and voila! you got yourself some real good garlic sauce (guess, you could call it a garlic-tahini sauce).

Mediterranean Garlic Sauce- my take

This sauce is bound to be a hit at your next party. Just serve as a dip with pita, pita chips, or even some fries. Make that garlic fries! ;) Or you could do what I did- spread it onto roasted cauliflower, and serve as a side dish. Delicious!! My daughter likes to mix it up with her mashed potatoes, and that tastes pretty darn good too.

Roasted cauliflower topped with my Mediterranean Garlic Sauce- YUM! 

Friendly Advice: Don't forget to brush and floss, and rinse your mouth with mouthwash after having indulged in this garlic affair! ;)


Molly said...

I just saw a recipe for roasting a whole cauliflower. This would be the perfect sauce to use!

Aparna Heroor said...

Thanks for your comment, Molly. Ah yes- do try it, and lemme know how you like it! :)