Friday, January 31, 2014

Organic Eating

I got another opportunity to guest blog for Full Circle (thanks FC!) last week. The topic given to me this time was  "How Eating Organically can keep you Healthy."  This is such a vast topic, and a very debatable one too, and trying to stick to a 500 word limit sure was tough! 

My personal opinion is that not every food you eat has to be organic- I mean, if you can afford it, sure, but going all organic can become an expensive affair. There are several good alternatives to organic foods out there. So does eating organic directly equate to eating healthy? Well, think about this- you buy all those organic vegetables, meat, and poultry- great start! And then you just deep fry everything in lard and consume it. What do you think just happened? ;) 

Eat healthy, exercise, stay healthy, because after all, health IS wealth! 

To understand more about organic foods and their labeling, check out USDA. 

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